Are you an Etsy seller? Are you optimizing your product keywords? Discover why every Etsy seller should optimize the product keywords!

The Importance of Product Keywords When Selling on Etsy

Product keywords are extremely important when selling your products online on Etsy. By using keywords in the title as well as in the description you can easily make your listing stand out. The incorrect or generic product tagging may only cause your products to get lost in the huge number of products on Etsy.

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So, how to optimize your product keywords in the right way? Is there something you can do?

How to Optimize Your Product Keywords When Selling on Etsy

There are a few things you can do in order to optimize your product keywords. If you want to become a successful and featured seller, we recommend you to take advantage of these few suggestions:

  • Titles: Ensure the product title is concise and specific. Make sure to avoid lengthy titles, capital letters or abbreviations. Also, ensure the words are spelled correctly.
  • Descriptions: The key to optimizing the product keywords when selling on Etsy is to add well written and concise descriptions. Use descriptive words as well as condition and measurements. When done, double check the descriptions in order to avoid errors and typos. When describing the products you sell on Etsy, you increase the exposure of your Etsy shop as well as the exposure of your products.
  • Materials Tags: Lots of sellers avoid the little tag area where you can list the materials that your product contains. Don’t make this mistake and use this option as it is another searchable and helpful field.
  • Keywords & Tags You need to learn how to find proper tags and use them to describe your products. It is wrong to make up tags that don’t exist or even worse – tags that your customers will never use them. Etsy allows you to use 14 keywords per product, make sure to use them all as you will miss out on a valuable advertising tool.

These few suggestions can help you optimize your product keywords and help your customers locate your Etsy shop and your products simpler and quicker. Make sure to avoid generic keywords, instead, use keywords that best describe your products such as their color, material, shape, and etc.

Good luck!