Are you an Etsy seller? Do you actively sell handmade crafts, art pieces or vintage goods on Etsy? Check out these 5 marketing tips every Etsy seller should use!

If you are an active Etsy seller then you probably know the struggle of competing with millions of sellers every day. Are you frustrated trying to attract more traffic to your shop? Are you nervous because of the low number of sales this month? Do you want to do something to change this situation?

You have come to the right place, as we are going to present you 5 marketing tips that every Etsy should know about and use them on a daily basis.

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Selling on Etsy – Top 5 Marketing Tips to Use

Here are the top 5 marketing tips you can use when selling regularly:

    • Social Media: Social marketing is one marketing technique every seller should use when selling handmade crafts on Etsy. If you post or tweet something about the new products you just have listed on Etsy, you can expect new potential visitors and buyers.
    • Newsletter: Sending newsletters to your target audience is another marketing technique you can use in order to attract traffic to your Etsy shop. You can include promotions, deals, discounts or free shipping in the newsletter.

  • Get Involved Considering the fact that Etsy is an extremely popular marketplace, it means that it has an active community, forum, groups, and etc. Make sure to join the Etsy community as it will bring an exposure to your shop.
  • Post Regularly – According to the successful Etsy sellers, it is better to add one product each day than add 5 products at once. Posting products regularly keep your shop more active and available for your customers to reach you.
  • Market to Groups – Our final marketing technique is to market your products to social groups. Social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and etc. have special interest groups. You can find some groups that allow marketing and promoting your Etsy shop or your new products. You can use these groups and attract new potential visitors to your shop.

If you want to increase your traffic, maximize your sale, and run a successful Etsy shop, use these 5 marketing tips. Being a successful and respectful Etsy seller is not an easy job, it requires hard work and dedication!